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Tap tap. Is this thing on?

Bet you forgot you were subscribed here.

So, it seems LJ is going to be purging inactive communities. The details, as always, change by the minute, but I did want to post here not so much to buy the comm time before it's purged as to warn people: if there's anything here you think you might want to save, now is probably a good time. Given that the Symposium has been defunct for a while now, I'm not planning to take any steps to preserve this community. Except that this post might, and oh, well ;).

questionnaire on fan fiction writing

Hi, my name is Deborah Hunn and I’m a Lecturer in Creative and Professional Writing at Curtin University in Western Australia. I’m seeking respondents to a questionnaire for a research project that examines the participation of emergent writers in online fan fiction forums and/or hard copy zine making. The project seeks to explore the ways in which such practices shape the skills of emergent writers. Participants must be over 18 and should have attempted some study in creative or professional writing units at an Australian University although a completed degree or major is not a requirement. Participants are asked to provide written answers to an online questionnaire that should take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Participants are not required to give their names. If you are interested in participating please click the link below to access, firstly, a detailed information sheet with more specifics about the project and then, if you choose, you can select an option to proceed into the questionnaire: 

cheers, Deborah

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slash fanfic

Hello everyoe,
I've been away a long time ... busy on my PhD about slash.
Last time I wrote I did not have a question for my thesis yet ... all that has changed ... it is now 'A Fantasy Darkly: a Freudian/Lacanian analysis of darkfic slash'!
I have recently come across the term 'paracosm' which excites me immensely. A 'paracosm' is a fantasy world, consistent over a long period, often started in middlechildhood, occassionally continuing into adulthood, with internal logic etc.
Personally, I got into slash because it allowed me to access my own private paracosm ... a post-apocolyptic world.

This has lead me to wonder if other slash writers have 'paracosms', and if any would be willing to either let me know that they do, or even share a few basic worldplay fantasies with me for my thesis?

I look foreward to hearing from some of you.

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ChrisFoxx, Foxx, Chris Foxx

Good God, You People Remembered Me!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I can't begin to tell you how flattered, humbled, and impressed I really am.

Oh, I'm Chris Yost. More on me in a minute.

My friend in Essex, UK, and I were talking about things, and somehow the subject came up about what I'd written in the past. Imagine my shock and surprise to find that at URL http://www.trickster.org/symposium/symp173.htm that lo and/or behold, MY NAME CAME UP IN IT!

1976 1976 "Fatality Syndrome" becomes one of the first Space 1999 fanzines published.

Television In the Space 1999 fandom, The Fatality Syndrome becomes the first fanzine published. Space 1999 Merchandise: Fan Fiction says: "It was written by Chris Yost. Story one in what was conceived to be a series of stories called The Psychon Trilogy, centering on a certain lovely Alphan alien member of the crew."

So, hiya! :)

Thank you so much to whoever wrote that, and actually must've bought copies from me! I'm absolutely delighted and grinning at seeing that up and among such an august listing as well!

I never did finish the 3rd part or started any of the other stories of "The Continuing Voyages of Moonbase Alpha"! I doubt by now anyone would be interested or want to read 'em, would be a shame actually. But I know I had a LOT of fun writing them!

I'm still writing, and I'm still doing -- *gag* -- "fan fiction". My genre nowadays is in furry fandom, and I author "Sabrina Online: The Story" and "Tabitha", stories using my own characters and incorporating characters from the webcomic "Sabrina Online". And they're free, just drop by my website www.chrisfoxx.com and sit down for an evening of reading. Those of you who read "Fatality Syndrome" and "Isolated!" will quickly see I've actually improved over the years ... jeez, I was just told *31* of them!!

So thank you, whoever you were, for making my night :)

And if anyone wants to drop me a line, don't be shy!

All the best to you and yunz,
(a little Pittsburghese lingo there),
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