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Hello everyoe,
I've been away a long time ... busy on my PhD about slash.
Last time I wrote I did not have a question for my thesis yet ... all that has changed ... it is now 'A Fantasy Darkly: a Freudian/Lacanian analysis of darkfic slash'!
I have recently come across the term 'paracosm' which excites me immensely. A 'paracosm' is a fantasy world, consistent over a long period, often started in middlechildhood, occassionally continuing into adulthood, with internal logic etc.
Personally, I got into slash because it allowed me to access my own private paracosm ... a post-apocolyptic world.

This has lead me to wonder if other slash writers have 'paracosms', and if any would be willing to either let me know that they do, or even share a few basic worldplay fantasies with me for my thesis?

I look foreward to hearing from some of you.


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